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Ring Halogen Bulbs

Our Ring Halogen Lamps come in many different shapes and sizes. If you have any queries about any of these bulbs please do not hesitate to contact us.


We have recently recieved a number of queries on 'Ring Performance Upgrade Bulbs', therefore we have put together a short guide to help you out:

First of all, all of these bulbs are legal and fully 'E' approved. Also no additional wiring or switches are required.

'XtremeBlue' - This bulb produces an intense blue-white light with up to 50% more light on the road. It produces a crisp light which is considered closer to daylight, this can aid eye strain and eye fatigue. Often considered ideal for professional, non-urban, night drivers and styling enthusiasts. Click here for all of our 'xtremeBlue' Halogen Headlamps.

'UltraXenon' - This bulb is reported as being 50% brighter than a standard headlamp. Click here for all of our UltraXenon Halogen Headlamps.

'XenonMax' - Reported that this bulb produces light up to 100% brighter than a standard headlamp. It is a bright white light with enhanced performance for greater light output. Ring have produced this handy video to show the difference. For those enthusiasts here is a video of the bulbs being used on a rally circuit! Click here for all of our XenonMax Halogen Headlamps.

'XenonUltima' - The newest addition to the ring halogen bulb range, this bulb prodcues a whooping 120% more light on the road! A world first! Exceptional night driving is gained and could potentially allow more time to react to hazards with all the more road you can see! Don't take our word for it, we found an indepth review of the bulb, click here! Click here for all of our XenonUltima Halogen Headlamps.

'TruckMaster 24v' - Ideally for use in trucks and commercial vehicles, they benefit from a longer life and safety. Click here for all of our TruckMaster 24v Halogen Headlamps.

'TruckMaster Heavy Duty Long Life' - Designed to last 2.5 x longer than a standard bulb, able to withstand extreme vibration and tested to IEC 60810. Click here for all of our TruckMaster HDLL Halogen Headlamps.

We hope this helps! ~ The NutandBoltman team!